One of the most wonderful things about eyelash extensions is how versatile they are. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures, so you can select the extension that best suits your needs and preferences. At Sassy Lashes, we specialize in eyelash extensions only. This allows our lash artists to become true experts in this craft, so they can help you choose the specific sort of extensions you need, then skillfully apply them to your eyes. Sassy Lashes offers Classic, Volume, Mega Volume, Mixed Full, Bottom, and Sassy Strip Lash Look extensions. In this blog, we’ll focus on Classic extensions to help you understand what they do and decide if they may be the right kind to adorn your eyes.

The Classic Process

Two key elements that make types of eyelash extensions different from each other is what they’re made of and how they’re placed. At Sassy Lashes, our Classic extensions are made of thick, silky faux-mink material. We provide our very own lashes through Sassy Lash Supplies so we can ensure we only utilize the highest-quality eyelash extensions. Our lash artists place each artificial lash one at a time on your natural lashes for a naturally striking look. Since we have our very own dedicated training center and advanced Sassy Lash Class courses, our lash artists are bona fide masters.

Ideal for Eyelash Extension Newcomers

We often recommend Classic extensions for first-time clients because they provide a subtler appearance for everyday glamour. Since we’re located in Las Vegas, we know that many clients may want more dramatic lashes, but we find that a Classic set is an excellent place to start as you get used to the look and feeling of eyelash extensions. Classic lashes provide noticeable enhancement, but not so much that you’ll feel self-conscious if you’re not used to wearing eyelash extensions.

Fill Flexibility

Another benefit of Classic extensions is that they’re relatively easy to adapt. When you come in for a fill, we can upgrade your lashes by adding more extensions to each natural eyelash. This way, you can go from Classic to Mixed Full or Volume lashes. If you’re an eyelash extension novice and decide you want a more outstanding lash look after you’ve gotten used to your extensions, you can get it in just a few short weeks with a fill appointment. Or, if you have a big event coming up in a month, but you want a more demure look until then, you can rock Classic lashes for a few weeks, then boost your volume so you’re fully party-ready.

Natural Lash Necessities for Classic Extensions

Classic extensions are a great option for many clients, but they aren’t right for everyone. Since they’re placed one at a time on your natural lashes, they may not achieve your desired look if you have naturally slender or scattered lashes. Adding faux-mink to your existing lashes would add stunning texture and length, but it might not cover gaps in your lashes or improve their symmetry. If you have sparser natural lashes, we may recommend an alternative set. For example, in this case, you could benefit from Volume extensions, which are fans of between two and six thinner lashes we apply to each natural lash. This shape of eyelash extensions can cover and obscure spaces in your existing lashes.

Are You Ready for a Classic Set?  

If Classic eyelash extensions seem like the perfect choice for you based on the above, Sassy Lashes would be happy to help you. Our lash artists can help you select the set that will work best for your needs and preferences. We will then apply them with the utmost care and competence. Book an appointment now to begin experiencing the benefits of a Classic set!