Once you’ve decided to take the plunge and enjoy the effortlessly enchanting look of eyelash extensions, you’ll be faced with another important choice: which type of extension will you go for? Of course, this beauty treatment is not one-size-fits-all, and no single lash set will work for everyone. You’ll need to select the right set for you. 

That’s why we place Volume, Mega Volume, Classic, Mixed Full, Bottom, and Sassy Strip Lash Look eyelash extensions at Sassy Lashes. We specialize in lashes and want everyone to feel confident, sexy, and elegant. Our highly-trained lash artists understand how to match you with the right lashes for your needs and preferences. We will take your natural lash health, cosmetic priorities, and other factors into consideration when we recommend the style of eyelash extension that best suits you. 

At our Las Vegas salons, one of our clients’ favorite eyelash extension styles is the Volume set. If you’ve never had Volume extensions (or even eyelash extensions at all), you may not realize what you’re missing out on. Volume lashes offer an abundance of advantages and are appropriate for a variety of different circumstances. Below, we use our expertise to explain the fundamentals of Volume eyelash extensions so you can decide if this type is right for you.

Volume Extension Essentials

To determine if Volume extensions may be the proper option for you, we first need to explain what they are and how we place them. Some kinds of eyelash extensions, such as our Classic set, go on one at a time, one eyelash extension per natural lash. In contrast, Volume extensions are made of 2-6 thinner lashes in a fan configuration. We make each fan by hand and place one fan per lash, instantly adding width, shape, and (you guessed it) volume to your eyes.

When you get a Volume set from one of our experts, you can trust that your lashes will be well taken care of. Unlike many other salons, we focus solely on eyelash extensions, allowing us to hone our skills and deliver the best possible results. Our lash artists know how to place Volume eyelash extensions so that they look spectacular, fit your face well, and feel comfortable to wear.

A Glamorous Everyday Look  

If you’re used to more demure Classic lashes, you might be wondering: Would Volume extensions be appropriate for my daily activities? Would I look silly going to the grocery store or taking my dog for a walk around the neighborhood with this type of dramatic look? While each person is different, we’ve generally found that Volume lashes can work for a casual look, especially in Vegas, the land of bright lights, pop stars, and show girls. Especially when paired with simpler, more natural-looking makeup, a Volume set could give you just the right amount of glamour for your day-to-day life.

We understand that you might be curious about Volume lashes, but a bit hesitant about pursuing a more dramatic look. In this case, we’d recommend you start with a Mixed Full Set, which combines Classic and Volume lashes for a more moderately striking appearance. From this point, you can gauge whether or not you’d like to work up to a Volume set.

Excellent for Special Events 

Regardless of how you feel about Volume eyelash extensions for your everyday life, they’re an outstanding choice for fancier occasions. If you’re getting married, having a photoshoot, attending a major party, walking a red carpet, or even just going out on a big date, Volume lashes can enhance your appearance, make your make-up routine a bit faster, and boost your self-esteem.

Supplementing Sparse Lashes 

Not everyone has perfectly spread out, full natural lashes. After all, this is one reason many people want to get eyelash extensions. However, not all lash styles can address this aesthetic issue. Eyelash extensions that go on with one extension per natural lash, like Classic sets, cannot address sparseness. Since they’re in a fan shape, Volume lashes are a great choice for clients with thinner or more scattered lashes. This type of set can help you enjoy a thick, consistent lash texture and shape.

Do You Want to Enjoy Dramatic, Full Lashes? 

Volume eyelash extensions could be the right choice for you! These fan-shaped extensions can fill in gaps, enhance your daily look, and give you a unique beauty boost for special occasions. To try out a Volume set for yourself, book an appointment today. If you’re not quite ready to visit us yet, you can also contact us with any questions or concerns.