“How do you want to look?” That’s usually the best way for us to begin the conversation. From length, tone, and even shape, there truly is an array to choose from when selecting your ‘look.’ Let’s talk about the lashes.


Synthetic Lash or Eyelashes Extensions:

Typically, when we say ‘synthetic’, we’re referring to lashes that are formed from acrylic (although other materials can be used, as noted below). Because of their inherent density, synthetics have the longest hold and form of any lashes. These are not always recommended as, though individually applied, the lashes can sometimes create strain if the natural lash isn’t able to hold up. However, they are also the glossiest while holding the best shine among lash options. They also are the most durable as they don’t degrade at all over the time of their use.

The next form of synthetic commonly used is Silk extensions. A good middle ground between fully synthetic and natural lash extensions, silk offers something for everyone. Coming in at roughly half the weight of acrylic, they are exceptionally pliable as well. Their lower gloss also gives them a significantly more natural look and feel. Silk extensions also can be formed to fit a variety of looks without the ‘fake’ appearance some find with acrylic. Silk is a great option for clients with softer lashes or lashes that aren’t as firm or strong. While not holding their form, they are able to be combed back with a lash brush (gently) to reshape as desired.

Faux-Mink’s however, are a different cut altogether. Created in a similar fashion to recreate the ‘mink’ feel, these are one of the most common and popular types of lashes. While as soft and subtle as the real thing, faux-mink are superior in how they can hold their form as well as their styling function. They are between Acrylic and Silk on the shiny scale, giving the lifted-natural look. They also are much more affordable when compared to true minks as the process to make them doesn’t involve an actual animal.

Volume Lashes are the last for synthetic materials. Using a form of Acrylic and Silk, volume really can help a client “pump up the bass” on their look. Volume lashes are incredibly thin and light-weight, allowing multiple extensions to be applied to a single natural lash. This allows for a dramatic look, unmatched in the extensions field. These lashes are especially useful for clients with delicate or sparse natural lashes as it allows them to fill in the spaces as well as not cause any strain from their weight.


Mink Lash or Eyelash Extensions:

When we think of Mink, many of us immediately go to the cruelty the animals had to go through for us to create a few coats. While still the by-product of an animal, Mink lashes are ethically sourced, without any of the animals being harmed. In fact, they only obtain the hairs from the tail, making sure the creature is not affected in any way by the process.

Mink offers the most natural and luscious look and feel of the lash options. Mimicking our own natural lashes, the hairs are able to shape and flow in an organic fashion that almost makes you forget you have them! Being one of the most expensive options, we can safely say you’ll enjoy your money’s worth with a set of minks.

Our technicians at Sassy are able to offer a variety of looks with any of these options. We’ll be able to offer your best options and help you get the most glamorous look for your eyes!