This Is How We Do Eyelash Cleaning!

Hey there! We wanted to give you a quick rundown of how we care for extensions here at Sassy Lashes. When you leave the salon, we always are sure to supply you with a goodie bag to care for your new extensions throughout their lifespan. It’s very important to clean your lashes daily.

Not only can cleaning prolong the time you have with them, it can ensure your eyelids and natural lashes remain healthy and strong. As time passes, our eyelashes block a great deal of wear and tear from our eyes, from dust to sweat. And our extensions are part of the process, so ensuring they remain clean and fresh helps you stay looking your best.

Extension Bubble Wash

Our extension bubble wash is made from a proprietary mix of ingredients made specifically to clean and freshen each lash and extension; think of it like a foam bath for your eyelashes. The chemicals are designed to maintain the bond of the adhesive so that you can get the most out of each extension. And by cleaning the extensions, you can ensure the lashes last and last.

When applying the cleanser, be sure to use a micro-pore, flathead brush. You can find these anywhere cosmetic products are sold (including are new flagship location!). These brushes help clean between each lash and extension so that no dust or dirt remains after a full wash. To use the brush effectively, you’ll want to use small, gentle strokes. Typically you’ll lose a few lashes each day, as that natural cycle of your natural ones progresses. Our extensions won’t fall out simply by brushing them though, as the adhesive is designed to hold up to cleaning.

In addition to removing dirt, our cleaning regime helps you learn how to fluff and brush out your lashes. That Sassy flashy style you love so much can stay as flawless as your application day with the proper care. By cleansing them of grime daily, you also prevent the possibility of bacteria forming. Though not always the case, sweat and dirt build up, over time, can cause several eye-related issues if left unchecked. Using our line of cleaning products ensures this will never happen to you during the lifespan of your extensions.

Check out the below video for an in-depth walkthrough on how we get it done!