Common Questions

My extensions are shedding faster than 4-6 weeks, what would cause this?

Possible reasons for this include:

  • Natural lashes that have not been cleaned properly prior to application will have oil, lotion, and makeup residue compromising the bonding process. Also, make sure you washed your lashes with oil-free makeup remover before application.
  • Clients with naturally oily skin may experience premature shedding of the extension. Again, your natural oils can compromise the bonding process.
    Extensions may have been placed on a lash that is nearing the end of the 90-life cycle.
  • Clients who do not follow the aftercare instructions – exercising, taking a shower, washing their face, etc. – may experience premature shedding of the application. Closely follow the instructions.
Can I use mascara on extensions?

Only mascara approved for extensions can be applied. Regular is fine for the lower lashes; however, most clients enjoy the appeal of dramatic upper lashes without anything on the lower lashes

How soon can I apply eye makeup after extensions?

Makeup can be applied immediately after the application as long as it does not contain oils and does not have to be removed within 24 hours.

How long should I keep my new eyelashes dry?

Recommended time is 24 hours.

What is the best application method for curly natural eyelashes?

Curly natural eyelashes should be addressed prior to application. The lash artist will assess the natural lash and do their best to match the curl of the extension to the curl of the natural lash. They will cover as much of the natural lash area with the extension as they can.

Can I still get lashes if I have weaker frail natural lashes?
  • “Weak” natural lashes are thinner and shorter than most lashes. We will not go more than double the length and thickness of the natural lash (this is true for all lashes – regardless of lash condition). Thin, short natural lashes need smaller, thinner extensions that are not too heavy for the natural lashes.
  • Frayed or permed lashes will be weak, and require small, thinner extensions as well. It’s important to understand that the current condition of the natural lashes are compromised by perming, etc. and that you should discontinue this in order to improve overall health of your natural lashes, and thus, will have better results with extensions.
The collagen/gel eye patch is irritating my eyes, what do I do?

First have the lash artist check your placement of the gel patch, it may be riding up into your eye. If so, the lash artist will remove and trim the patch for a better fit. If this does not remedy the situation, then they will remove the collagen patch immediately and use sensitive tape.

Why am I tearing up after the lash application? Does this initial tearing up weaken the bonding?

Clients tear up from the fumes from the adhesive that are not fully dried. As well as from the lights and you manipulating their eyelashes. All clients must keep their eyes closed until the adhesive and post-extension products have completely dried. Sassy Lashes recommends drying the extensions with a blow dryer on the “cool setting”, we believe this is the most efficient and cost effective method.

Yes, tears will compromise the bond and shorten the timeframe of the extensions.

What should be done about gaps in the natural lashes?

Latisse* Lilash* Grande Lash* Castor oil (Must have extensions off)

What is volume and Mega Volume Lash Extensions?

The creation of lightweight “fans” of eyelash extensions to create full and fluffy effects. Mega Volume or “Russian Volume” – also known by other names.

  • Volume styling
  • Volume lashes
  • American Volume
  • Hollywood Volume
Will eyelash extensions ruin my natural lashes?

No. If applied correctly eyelash extensions will not ruin your natural lashes. Your lashes cycle out and shed almost like getting acrylic nails.

If I have gaps in my lashes can I get extensions?

Yes, this is a chance to go over each set. Volume would be best because it can help cover up gaps or sparse lashes. We double check your history as far as health related questions or ask if you tend to pick or pull at your lashes.

If I’m going through Chemo can I get extensions?

While going through the process no. Before starting the process you can after answering some health questions. After Chemo you can based on your natural lashes.

The collagen/gel eye patch is irritating my eyes, what do I do?

First have the lash artist check your placement of the gel patch, it may be riding up into your eye. If so, the lash artist will remove and trim the patch for a better fit. If this does not remedy the situation, then they will remove the collagen patch immediately and use sensitive tape.

Can I wear contacts while getting lashes done?

Yes, we would recommend if they wear glasses to come in with glasses so we can distinguish the length of extensions to get. If you strictly wear contact lenses you can wear them but be advised that after the process your eyes may become dry.

I’m losing lashes without my natural lash attached?

We offer a free touch up. There was most likely an issue with the bond or too many lashes were applied (if volume)

My eyes are crusty and lids are swollen, am I allergic?

We would recommend getting a removal. You may need the sensitive glue or may have to cut extensions out completely. Take a Benadryl and if it doesn’t go down go to doctor. There’s also something called blepharitis which is the inflammation of the eyelid.

My lashes are falling out and I haven’t gotten them wet, what’s wrong?

After 24-48 hours your lashes need to be washed. It’s recommended to wash them daily. It’s a myth when they say eyelash extensions will last longer if you don’t get them wet. Even if you don’t wear makeup your natural oils and buildup will cause them to fall out. After care cards and instructions are given to avoid issues.

My lashes are singed, what caused this?

Cooking, saunas, smoking, a hot blow dryer and even blowing out a candle can cause lashes to singe. The bad part about this is it’s the tops of the lashes and usually need to be removed because there’s no saving them.

What’s your longest length because I want your longest

We do go up to 18mm which we have had many clients request. Most salons would tell you do not go up to 18mm for any natural lash. We live in Vegas where we have showgirls, cocktail waitresses and other industry clients. We leave this to our Lash Artist and what they think based on their natural lashes and the health of them. If applied corrected and taken care of we don’t have an issue but again, most would take the conservative route and shy away.

I went to another lash place, can you do my fill?

We would recommend you come in to do a consultation. At Sassy lashes we try and have the clients send in pictures to get a gage of what we’re dealing with first. Usually we end up booking a full set in case we can’t work over your extensions. We also need to know, where did you go, are they clusters, are you having issues with fall out. If you are having issues with fall out, then we would automatically book a full set. We don’t want to be responsible for another Lash Artists work.