Tape Like a Pro

When it comes to extensions, a technician can never have enough tools and gadgets to make their job smooth as our silk extensions. Our tweezers are on par with a surgeon’s, allowing us to attach micro-sized extensions to clients natural lashes. Our wide array of lash extension products, from adhesives to cleansers, we have everything to treat nearly any lash application with the style and finesse our clients have come to expect from us. But there’s also one special tool that can be more useful than all the others: our lash tape.

Lash Taping 101

Though not strictly a tool, per say, the tape allows us to isolate lashes on clients and ensure their eyes remain safe and healthy during the application process. Typically, we start with an eye pad on either side. Depending on a client’s facial structure, we recommend making corner slits allow for an even application to the area. By not going too high, it also allows us to tape down the lower lashes in a more efficient/better way. Doing so in conjunction with the pads can help minimize strain and separate upper and lower lash lines in a very efficient manner.

Once the bottom is covered, we have a few different options to work with for upper lashes. When taping down the upper lash, being sure to do so in at least three sections ensures the best access to each area of lashes. We’re not afraid to use too much tape either! And our clients don’t have to worry: more tape means fewer mistakes during each application. Isolation is key with extensions, so by taping across the vertical and horizontal sections of an eyelid, we’re able to separate each area as we need. And with cleaner lines, each extension will come out great, and that’s a wrap!