Choosing the right kind of eyelash extension for you can be a difficult and important choice. After all, these lashes last for weeks on your eyes. To enjoy the optimal advantages of these enhancements, you should select a set that’s suited to your natural lashes, aesthetic preferences, budget, and other factors. Fortunately, Sassy Lashes offers a wide variety of lash sets, including Classic, Volume, Mega Volume, Mixed Full, Bottom, and Sassy Strip Lash Look extensions. Our highly-trained lash artists will help you decide on the right kind for you and skillfully apply them to your lashes. One of our most unique, luxurious options is our Sassy Strip Lash Look set. Read on to learn more about these eyelash extensions and find out if they may be just the right type for you.

Sassy Strip Lash Look 101 

The two main differences between different types of eyelash extensions are what they’re made of and how they’re applied. Our various eyelash extension sets are made of assorted materials sourced from our very own Sassy Lash supply center. Another factor that distinguishes eyelash extension styles from each other is how they’re applied. Our lash artists learn our expert Sassy Lashes methods at our dedicated, state-of-the-art training center, so they’re excellent at placing virtually any type of eyelash extension on your natural lashes using any strategy. For example, for a Classic set, we apply one mink lash per natural lash, while a Volume set involves creating a fan of several thinner lashes and putting one fan on each natural lash.

The Sassy Strip Lash Look process is a bit different because what your lashes are made of and how they’re put on depends entirely on you. For this set, you’ll bring in your favorite strip lash – one you tend to put on at home, picked out at the store, or even saw in a magazine – and our lash artists will make eyelash extensions look as similar to these strip lashes as possible. We’ll still apply each eyelash extension individually, giving you a more realistic appearance and a longer-lasting look, but we’ll emulate the appearance of your favorite strip lashes.

Completely Customizable Lashes 

If a demure Classic set isn’t quite your look, you’re not enthused by the drama of Volume lashes, you have mixed feelings about a Mixed Full set, or you simply can’t decide which eyelash extension type is the right choice for you, a Sassy Strip Lash Look set could be the perfect choice for you. The personalized process of these eyelash extensions allows you to bring together all the elements you love from every set we offer. If you want a certain material in a fan shape applied to each of your natural lashes, we can make that happen. If you want a simple yet full lash look with more striking edges, we can create it for you.

Good for All Natural Lash Types 

This customizable set is also an outstanding choice for anyone with particularly uneven, sparse, or thin natural lashes. By designing your eyelash extensions around your favorite strip lash and taking various personal factors into account, we can ensure that we fully cover any gaps in your lashes. With a Sassy Strip Lash Look, you can feel confident in an attractive, consistent lash appearance.

A Worthwhile Beauty Investment 

Since each set of Sassy Strip Lash Look eyelash extensions are designed just for you, they’re a bit more costly than our other sets. Classic, Mixed Full, Volume, or even Mega Volume sets are more affordable, but many of our clients feel that the extra money they spend on Sassy Strip Lash Look sets is well worth it. You can’t overestimate the value of truly personalized, handcrafted, adeptly applied eyelash extensions.

See Our Sassy Strip Lash Look on You

Have you ever wanted to wear your favorite strip lash set for days? We’d be thrilled to give you long-lasting lashes you love with a Sassy Strip Lash Look. Book an appointment today to get started. You can also feel free to contact us with any questions you have about eyelash extensions – our caring, knowledgeable staff would be delighted to help you.