13 Reasons How You Can Have Magnificent Lashes Every Day


1. When making your appointment, be sure to research the salon you want to visit first! Read reviews online and call to find out if they only have licensed technicians working for them.

2. Talk to your technician. Being open and communicative about your needs helps us provide you with the best possible experience.

3. Know what allergies you have to adhesives or extension materials: your tech can be only so helpful if they’re not aware of what might cause your eyes harm.

4. During your appointment: don’t freak out. It can feel a little weird at first to have each extension individually applied, but after a while, you’ll enjoy the pampering experience as your lashes get turned into a dramatically wonderful sight!

5. For the first 24-48 hours, avoid rubbing or touching your lashes. Try to use as little makeup as possible, and when you do, use oil-free makeup remover. Avoid getting water on them, especially during showers. All of these steps are crucial to how well the adhesive bonds and how long your extensions can hold up before your next appointment.

6. Keep your skin moisturized and clean. A fresh face can directly affect the health of your lids and natural lashes, helping the base for your extensions.

7. See how you feel in the morning after having slept with them. In most cases, you’ll wake up looking as fresh as when you went to sleep.

8. Buy a high-quality lash brush or comb; you can (gently!) reshape them to add that curl or flare back out and make sure they stay straight.

9. Make sure your lashes stay clean while you have them. Your natural lashes produce oil and are cleaned as you wash your face. For your extensions, soft baby shampoo in super tiny doses mixed with water can be a great way to cleanse dirt out of them. Be sure to ask your tech what the best way to clean your extensions during your appointment!

10. Try using a silk pillowcase when you can! As you sleep, your face and lashes brush against the pillow. While normal, cotton-based cases can cause friction, silk just slides along, keep your lashes smooth all night long.

11. Know when it is time to get your lashes refilled or replaced entirely. While refills can last you over the course of a few months, it a good idea to change them out completely on a seasonal basis or if you want to change your type of lashes.

12. Extension sealers can be useful in some cases to prolong your lash adhesive bonds. Ultimately, your extension will fall out with your natural lash over the course of 60-90 days. However, there are several treatments, refills included, that can extend the life of your extensions with those lashes.

13. Make sure to open the bottle of champagne away from friends and glassware. Doing so gives you some wiggle room should the cork pop out too hard before you can catch it. Pour evenly into your flute (or wine glass, we won’t judge) and enjoy the sparkles in your drink and the ones from your gorgeous eyes.