Sassy Lashes Is Now Open Late

Sassy Lashes Las Vegas is a luxury eyelash extension boutique with a “mom and pop” comfort level, a feat hard to find in the Las Vegas area, or anywhere. Sassy Lashes is run by both Shauna and Mike Jones, a couple who have built their business on a foundation of making lash extensions affordable and accessible for everyone. However, they aim to do so without sacrificing quality, a feat especially hard to find when prices drop, and convenience arises.

All these things–a solid luxury boutique with welcoming comfort, trustable ownership, affordable and accessible eyelash extensions, and top quality–are hard to come by even individually, and this lash studio is very proud to offer them all at once within four walls. Many other salons, even those specializing in eyelash extensions, offer a range of different services. However, Sassy Lashes focuses on just one thing–lashes. This ensures a person’s eyelash extension experience is the best possible experience within reach, providing professionals who specialize in this one service, surrounded by an environment specialized in this one service.

This is important because it’s not common. It’s not common that a unique lash boutique cohesively designs itself to offer the best client experience, genuinely, all together in one place. One of these is hard to find, and what makes this even more important is that we’re proud to offer all of this in a second place, maintaining two convenient locations with the same amount of integrity, experience, foundation, and balance of luxury without compromising comfort and accessibility.

Our two convenient locations are Henderson and Summerlin. Our Henderson location is located at 2560 St Rose Parkway #101 & 102 Henderson, NV 89074. Additionally, our Summerlin location is located at 6037 S. Fort Apache Rd. Suite #130 Las Vegas, NV 89148. Both shops are managed by the same person, upholding a cohesiveness between two locations. Additionally, both shops are fully staffed with highly trained and skilled lash artists.

Further dedicating ourselves to providing the best service possible, we’ve not only expanded beyond just one location, but we’ve decided to expand our hours, too. Both locations, Henderson and Summerlin, will now be open late, acclimating to any anticipation, issue, or nontraditional schedule. Each location consists of the same hours, operating from 8 am to midnight on Mondays through Fridays, and 8 am to 9 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Late hours are nearly unconventional for beauty salons, but we know that your sometimes-unexpected situations arrive, schedules are different, or your plans to go out require a fill right beforehand. While a standard after work destress, appointment should be a rite of passage, we know that not everyone works a 9-5 job. Life looks different for everyone, and schedules are one of the biggest things that both vary and fluctuate. It’s not often for any type of beauty salon, really, to offer service past an hour like 7 pm, but Sassy Lashes wants to make a point to offer the best and most accessible service attainable.

Being open longer hours means being open for a wider range of lifestyles, and we feel that lash extensions and the confidence and comfort that comes with them are something applicable to each and every type of lifestyle. Being open longer hours also means being open for the different types of scenarios and situations that a person would need both new extensions and upkeep appointments.

Our Dedication To Your Lashes

With there being so many reasons people get lash extensions, both for daily life and big occasions, being open later ensures our ability to meet every need possible. For those that love their lashes and keep up with their extensions for their daily life, like us, sometimes we just want our distress appointment later or we have a hard schedule. For those that want lash extensions for big occasions, we know how important these events are, and sometimes the big occasions require more sporadic and immediate attention.

Emergencies happen, and we want to make sure all clients, both seasoned and new, have the opportunity to receive the best and most immediate service they need. Offering later hours means availability for both making and changing appointments as well as longer and later service. Because Sassy Lashes is dedicated to the approachable, comfortable, “mom and pop” shop feel, we’re determined to stay available to book appointments and respond to questions and concerns.

Both of these things–offering two locations and later hours–circles back to our foundation, and it’s that we are doing this because we care about it and because we want to be there for our clients. We’re proud of our locations, and we’re incredibly happy to have both sets of doors open longer.