Loyalty Program

House of Sassy is proud to introduce our new loyalty program!

Our number one priority is serving number one – our loyal customers who help make Sassy feel like one big family. We’re honored you like us this much, so we’d like to give you a little something back. Because that’s how you take care of family.

How does our loyalty program work?

Entering the loyalty program is practically no work at all: it’s as simple as coming in to get the same expert lash artistry you’ve come to know and love. All you need to do is enter your phone number on our Square cashier system and leave the artistry to us.

After just seven regular-priced fills – that’s right seven, not ten – your next fill is only half-price. That’s cheaper than a night on the town. But with the money you save, you’ll want to treat your new lashes to dinner, anyway. And since your well-groomed extensions will last a few weeks, you’ll be reminded of that extra cash each time you bat an eye.

All we ask in return is that you redeem your lashes-at-a-steal with one of our lovely receptionists after your seventh fill. That way, we can keep track of your loyalty status and everything is set for your next visit. Please understand that we can’t “backtrack” and use your discount after your appointment. This Loyalty Program is not retroactive.

That’s almost too good to be true! Is there a catch?

Here at Sassy, we don’t believe in tricking customers to save a buck! Other salons make you wait so long it can take a whole year to get a discounted fill! Some programs force clients to buy the most expensive lash treatment over and over just to save a little money.

We want our Sassy clients to enjoy their loyalty perks more often. At Sassy, our regular-priced lashes are so good already, we offer them at a bargain to you, our loyal customers. Because that’s just what family does.

Our loyalty program is just as straight-forward as it seems because you don’t trick family. But you do ensure their every lash is on point.