For some, getting eyelash extensions might not be an immediate thought. For some, lashes might take some consideration, righteously so for anything on our face. However, we believe that there is plenty more benefit than any considered doubt for a person getting their lashes done.

To explain, we’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons why you should at least try lash extensions.

  1. It’s a chance to be pampered

It’s not often we get an extended, allotted amount of time to just relax and allow someone to take care of us. Getting lash extensions is a beauty salon appointment, where you get to sit comfortably in a comfortable place and let someone tend to you. Like any other beauty appointment, getting nails or hair done, it’s something to look forward to–it’s a chance to settle down, relax, and unwind for its duration. Sassy Lashes is aware of this, and we do our part to make sure eyelash extension appointments are more than just extending your lashes.

  1. It’s a small thing that largely increases a person’s confidence and comfort

Eyelashes are something that exponentially influences a person’s entire face. When done well, they’re noticed because of how great they look, positively impacting the whole view of a person. Likewise, when they don’t look good, when mascara is clumpy, or when lashes might be mute and underdeveloped, they’re also noticed, and it negatively impacts the rest of a person’s face.

  1. Your eyes are the focal point of your face

The first thing any other person looks at when looking at another person is their eyes. Our eyes are how we communicate, draw attention, and connect with other people. In a lot of circumstances, we want people to want to look at us or look at us longer. Furthermore, someone more intensely noticing our eyes is never going to be a bad thing.

  1. Big occasions

One of the strongest reasons people get eyelash extensions is for a big occasion. A person’s wedding would be the best example. Crying is likely. The biggest thing a person wouldn’t have to worry about once receiving lash extensions would be if their mascara was running, if it held up, wiped on our faces or elsewhere, or even just if it looked good. Childbirth is another good example. Having a baby is something that comes at an unexpected moment, and although its beauty and immensity completely overpower any need of our own appearance, there is going to be an obvious amount of pictures and attention to our faces. Lash extensions allow us to worry about everything other than what our likely crying faces look like, whether expected or not.

  1. Long lasting for longer circumstances

After the wedding comes honeymoon, and although our newlywed has hopefully seen our washed or messy faces, a honeymoon means dreamy pictures, and in a lot of circumstances or setting, those pictures are going to involved unmade faces, post-swimming faces, maybe a mud bath, or a pajamas photoshoot. All of which will be more comfortable likely without makeup, which is something made more comfortable with lash extensions. Some might even argue that our faces would look better without makeup, aided by the comfort of beautiful lashes.

  1. Because of lash extensions, sometimes no make-up at all is necessary

A lot of times, we don’t want to wear any makeup, but the comfort to do so isn’t there. Having eyelash extensions provides substantial confidence and self-comfort to go without any makeup. Many women sometimes only apply minimal amounts of makeup, and having their lashes done can allow a woman the comfort to skip even the minimal. Our eyelashes are a predominant enough part of our face to live louder than other aspects we’d apply makeup to, allowing us to go without adding to other parts of our face if its focal point is accounted for.

  1. You won’t have to worry about hard-to-remove eye make-up

Even since high school, removing eye makeup is the most painstaking part of washing our faces. It’s harder to come off, often taking an entirely different soap or wipe, and sometimes even then, it sticks.

  1. It looks and feels more natural than mascara

With not needing to apply mascara comes not feeling mascara on your face, either. The extensions feel like our normal, natural lashes, and that’s exactly what they look like, too. Mascara, on the other hand, is an addition, it’s something we have to add to our face, daily, starting as a liquid and then drying, hardening, and like any logic, we can feel that. Even further, we can see it, too.

  1. Speaking of mascara, you won’t need to buy it

Simple. Especially, no more buying waterproof mascara on accident and not noticing until it never comes off.

  1. There’s no substantial reason not to

Regarding getting their lashes done, a lot of people’s reasoning for not doing so is often predicated on myth or exaggeration. Many might think that lash extensions influence our eyelashes natural growth process, or they hinder it, but lash extensions don’t impact our natural growth cycles at all. Lash extensions are a safe process, involving no pain at all, either.