Our Eyelash DOs and DON’Ts



1. DO – Go to a trained specialist in the field to get your extensions done; doing so ensures you leave looking your best and healthiest.

2. DO – Ask your technician what form of adhesive they will be using for your application. Understanding the different types of polymers used can be helpful if you have an allergy to any of them. We only offer the most medically safe and effective adhesives at Sassy, and that’s exactly what you should expect.

3. DO – Only use singularly applied lashes; they maintain a longer attachment as well as create a strengthened bond with your natural lashes.

4. DO – Clean your face thoroughly before your appointment. Doing so will ensure a smooth and easy application that will last for days.

5. DO – Brush daily after the waiting period; doing so can remove kinks and clumping and help maintain their shape. Don’t overdo it though! Too much tugging and bending can actually damage your natural lashes.

6. DO – Schedule regular appointments to maintain your extensions. We recommend at least every 4 weeks, but ask your technician what the best plan for you can be!

7. DO – Enjoy the fullness of your lashes without makeup! It might surprise you, but many of our clients have actually used our service over traditional eye beauty products that can cause irritation and skin damage over time. And who doesn’t love waking up like they’re ready to out for the night?

8. DO – Take care and be gentle with your lashes once in place! If any irritation is felt, try combing them softly back to their original shape. If the feeling persists, return to the salon and have a technician see what’s causing the tenderness to occur. We’re here to help!



1. DON’T – Use extensions connected to a base; they can cause strain and damage to your eyelashes and lids, as well as the areas around them. These were effective in the 60’s when we didn’t know any better. Let’s leave them in the past.

2. DON’TGet water on your extensions immediately after application. Give your eyes up to 48 hours before contact with water to allow the adhesive to bind properly. Once bonded, your lashes can handle a variety of activities, even water sports!

3. DON’T – Worry about damaging your natural lashes. When expertly applied, extensions cause no harm, and can even improve the natural growth of your lashes.

4. DON’T – Remove the extensions yourself! Only a trained specialist should do so, with our remover gel and careful touch. Doing so yourself could cause serious harm!

5. DON’TUse oil-based make-up removers as they can damage the adhesive bond of your extensions. Water-based after the initial application can be used (gently) when needed.

6. DON’T – Wear mascara, or only at the tips of the extensions if you absolutely must. Mascara can cause the extensions to lump together and stick awkwardly, causing damage and irritation.

7. DON’T – Believe everything you read on the internet. While a lot of information is available on our process and services, you can get more informed and direct answers by simply speaking with one of our technicians. Sometimes the most basic of ideas can be misconstrued in our industry by bloggers misinforming the general public.

8. DON’T – Ever think that lash extensions aren’t for you! Everyone can benefit from them, even those of us with full lash-lines and curly tips. There’s always room to improve, and we are always available to take you there!