(Spring Edition)

Picture this: you’re walking around Las Vegas with the best lashes in town. You suddenly look down and see the prettiest fan flutter off your face, natural lash attached and all. You run through the Sassy Lashes aftercare rules in your head…”I clean my lashes everyday…no mascara…no oils around my eye area….what is going on!?” No need to stress, ladies; it’s about time for spring shedding season to begin. We already know that we all have anywhere from 90-250 natural lashes at a time, and it’s typical to lose between two to five natural lashes a day in any season. But due to environmental changes you might begin to lose a few more lashes within the next six weeks.

Here’s the scoop: just like all other mammals on Earth, our hair grows and sheds in cycles. We are about to begin shedding our thick winter coats and prepping for warmer temps with less humidity, while still keeping a light enough layer of hair to protect us from the sun’s harmful rays. Our bodies begins to produce more oil in order to hydrate the skin, especially in a climate as dry as Las Vegas. With or without extensions, shedding is completely normal; just more noticeable when you have a Sassy Lash extension attached. You may begin to notice the hair on your head thinning out too, or even that your beloved pets are starting to leave a trail of hair behind in your house.

This is the science behind it: according to The Hair Loss Expert UK, “There are two major factors thought to be involved in seasonal hair loss, both involving hormones. The first is exposure to sunlight. Even if you spend most of your time indoors, you will be exposed to more sunlight in spring and summer. This can lead to your body producing less melatonin, which interferes with hormone levels. It can push hair follicles into their natural shedding phase for longer periods of time than usual. The other major factor is the effect of testosterone, levels of which are usually higher in spring and autumn. Although testosterone is often thought of as a male hormone, it exists in both men and women and is known to trigger hair loss.”

What can you do to combat this dreaded shedding cycle?

At Sassy, we understand that lashes are a luxury and we always want you all to look and feel your absolute best. Since this is a naturally occurring phenomenon in all humans, you can’t avoid it- however, here are a three things we can recommend to help get you through this trying time:

Incorporate more foods or supplements rich in Iron and Vitamin B, as these both support hair growth. (Always check with a doctor or medical professional first!)

Try an extension – safe lash serum, like Grande Lash MD, available at any of our locations for $75. This serum will help move the growth phase along while also thickening up your natural lashes.

Schedule weekly touch ups with your lash artist to maintain fullness, or schedule your appointments a bit closer together since this a temporary cycle that will be over in a matter of weeks.

I think we can agree that we’ll deal with this brief shedding cycle if it means pool days and flip flops are in our near future. Patience, planning and taking these preventative measures will help maintain your look while all of us in Vegas anxiously await warmer weather.

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– Ciara Briggs, Sassy Lashes Blogger & Lash Artist