Whenever a new beauty treatment bursts onto the market, rumors start swirling. As soon as something becomes popular, you’ll usually start hearing alarming or sensational “facts” about what it is, how it works, and its terrifying hidden dangers. Of course, most of these statements are just misconceptions or outright falsehoods that someone somewhere believed and decided to tell all his or her friends. Since it is such as booming industry, there are, inevitably, quite a few myths about eyelash extensions out there.

At Sassy Lashes, we’ve dedicated ourselves to enhancing our clients’ beauty and confidence with luxurious lashes. Our team of top-notch lash artists comes equipped with years of experience in this field, extensive training, and ​an immense portfolio of beautiful work​. As eyelash extension experts, we can help you sort out the facts versus fiction of this up-and-coming beauty treatment. Read on to learn the truth of the top seven eyelash extension myths.

MYTH #1: They destroy your natural eyelashes.

One of the scarier stories about eyelash extensions is that they will somehow pull out or wreck all of your natural eyelashes, leaving you with a bare eye and forcing you to keep getting this treatment forever. ​As ​Fox News​ reports​: “ ‘The number one misconception is that [eyelash extensions] will ruin your own natural lash. This is false! It’s all about your lash stylist not adding lashes that are too heavy or too long for your natural lashes to handle…The correct amount of glue is also important.’” When properly applied, eyelash extensions should do little to no harm to your existing lashes. This is why it’s important to choose a salon carefully. At Sassy Lashes, we’ve chosen to focus only on this service so we can ensure our eyelash extensions are meticulously well-applied. We also use high-quality materials and employ well-trained lash artists to keep your lashes healthy and attractive.

MYTH #2: You can’t ever get them wet.

Given that your eyes water on their own and you have to be able to bathe, this myth is a bit ridiculous. Nevertheless, some clients are concerned about what will happen to their lashes if they take a dip. The truth is that, while you should avoid wetting your lashes for at least 24 hours after you get extensions, you can easily swim, shower, and bathe with your newly luscious lashes. In fact, one of the many advantages of eyelash extensions is that they last through all sorts of situations, minimizing your need for makeup!

MYTH #3: They only last a couple of weeks.

Once again, this myth comes down to the quality of your beauty treatment. With poor service, cheap materials, and bad technique, your eyelash extensions might start falling out in a matter of days. However, with our accomplished lash artists’ expert application and your proper aftercare, you can expect your eyelash extensions to last about four to six weeks before needing a refill.

MYTH #4: Eyelash extensions are really expensive.

You might have heard that eyelash extensions are such a deluxe service that only celebrities can afford them for the red carpet. While it’s certainly possible to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for overpriced lashes, this beauty treatment doesn’t have to break the bank. At Sassy Lashes, for instance, our ​Classic set is a mere $109 and a refill on this set is just $65.

MYTH #5: They’ll make your eyelashes look unnatural.

As with any cosmetic service, some clients are worried that eyelash extensions will make their lashes look artificial or gaudy. This isn’t true, however. At Sassy Lashes, we recognize our clients’ needs and customize your lashes to your preferences. We offer Classic, Mega Volume, and Mixed sets in an array of lengths, shapes, and sizes to suit you. Whether your goal is glamorous, full lashes fit for Vegas nightlife or a subtle, natural look, our lash artists can help.

MYTH #6: They’re uncomfortable to put on and wear.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. ​As the ​Healthy Eyelashes​ blog explains​, “when it comes to having eyelash extensions put on, you should feel no pain whatsoever. As long as you go to the right person. A specialist, a professional, a technician that knows what they are doing.” When you work with a skilled team like ours, getting your eyelash extensions applied is easy. In addition, ​Fox Newsnotes that, when you wear them, “‘[eyelash extensions] are super light and comfy…You don’t even feel them.’”

MYTH #7: Anyone can apply them.

This is definitely untrue. In fact, most of the above myths come from improper application of eyelash extensions. At Sassy Lashes, our team is composed of the best, most competent lash artists. Furthermore, our Sassy Lashes founder also created ​Sassy Lash Class​, our very own training program for aspiring eyelash extension professionals.

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