Are you sick of re-applying mascara multiple times throughout the day? Are those cheap false lashes from the drugstore just not cutting it? If you want to truly enhance your eyelashes, it’s time to try extensions. Since this beauty treatment is booming in popularity, there are virtually limitless options to choose from. However, as anyone who’s ever had a sub-par cosmetic service undoubtedly knows, not all salons are created equal. If you go to the wrong eyelash extension establishment, you could find yourself dealing with tacky, uneven lashes, unnecessary expenses, or even physical discomfort, if they’re applied improperly.

Fortunately, Sassy Lashes is here to make your lush lash dreams come true! We’re dedicated to providing quality, beautiful, long-lasting extensions to each and every customer that walks through our doors. Read on to learn the top seven reasons you should use Sassy Lashes.

  1. You want gorgeous eyelash extensions.

Done right, this beauty treatment can give you the long, shapely, dark lashes you’ve always wanted. The right eyelash extensions can help frame your face and make your eyes shine. Equipped with years of experience and an enthusiastic desire to deliver outstanding results, the Sassy Lashes team applies spectacular eyelash extensions. Don’t take our word for it; check out our ​gallery of impressive results​ from satisfied clients.

  1. You want to save time every day while looking great.

Having eyelash extensions can seriously shorten your daily routine. Just imagine never having to put on eyeliner or mascara! That’s why​ one New York Timesreporter calls them​ “a cosmetic cheat code: Whether I’ve just woken up, exercised for an hour, gone for a swim, or lived through a harrowing 24-hour stomach flu, I’m unfailing delighted by the way my eyes pop, and by how quickly I can get ready.” At Sassy Lashes, we’re proud to help our busy clients look and feel great while giving them more time to spend on work, fun, friends, or family.

  1. You don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for your lashes.

Some salons charge hundreds and hundreds of dollars just for simple eyelash extensions. At Sassy Lashes, we want to make this transformational beauty treatment accessible for everyone. That’s why ​a classic set of lashes is typically just $109, and a classic fill is usually only $65​.

  1. You’d prefer to work with a seasoned professional.

Your eyelash extensions will change your appearance for weeks or even months at a minimum. In addition, applying false lashes individually should be a meticulous process, especially since it can irritate your skin or eyes if done improperly. It’s important to work with a well-trained lash artist you can really trust. Fortunately, Sassy Lashes employs a t​eam of high-caliber cosmetologists at both our Henderson ​and Summerlin locations. Unlike other salons, we don’t attempt to be a “Jill of all trades” – we offer eyelash extensions only so we can focus on making this service as stellar as possible. In fact, we’re so experienced in this field that our salon even has a dedicated training facility where we train lash artists from around the country with ​Sassy Lash Class​! With Sassy Lashes, you can be certain your eyelashes are in good hands.

  1. You don’t want to drive out of your way for luscious lashes.

We understand how hectic your schedule can be and don’t want you to have to sit in traffic. Sassy Lashes has two convenient locations in Henderson and Summerlin to make getting flawless eyelash extensions as simple and easy as possible!

  1. You’d like to try out different eyelash styles and see which suits your features.

At Sassy Lashes, we recognize that every client has different needs and preferences. Whether you want a subtler look, full-on volume, or something in between, our lash artists are available to assist you. ​We offer Mega Volume, Classic, and Mixed Fill lashes​ in a variety of shapes and sizes. In addition, we do not charge an additional fee for fullness, so you can figure out which level of lash works for you without racking up expenses.

  1. You want your new lashes to last.

With our expert application, most Sassy Lashes eyelash extensions last up to four to six weeks. If you work with a poorly trained lash artist or a salon with shoddy service, however, your lashes could start falling out in a matter of days or weeks. Investing in quality eyelash extensions from a qualified professional can help ensure your lashes look superb for as long as possible. Ultimately, this saves you time, money, and hassle.

  1. You’re only available late at night when most beauty businesses are closed.

Especially in Las Vegas, we understand that not everyone is available during typical 9-5 hours. In order to better serve our clients, we’re open from 8 am to midnight every Monday through Friday and 8 am to 9 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. While most salons close much earlier, our team is dedicated to going the extra mile for our beloved clients.

Are You Ready for Sassy, Stunning Lashes?

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