Eyelash extensions are becoming more popular than ever. According to a recent ABC News report, “with demand soaring, the market for false eyelashes is booming and is projected to reach more than $1.5 billion in the next five years in product alone.” With this beauty business growing exponentially, you likely see eyelash extension services advertised everywhere. You might see Instagram influencers showing off their new looks or full-page ads for certain brands of eyelash extensions in beauty magazines. Your local nail, hair, or even tanning salons are probably trying to cash in on the rise of eyelash extensions by offering this service, as well.

However, amidst a sea of eyelash extension options, Sassy Lashes is truly superior. We’ve been in this business for nearly a decade, since before it became a global cosmetics craze, so we know what it takes to deliver outstanding lashes. There are a variety of factors that make Sassy Lashes different from other eyelash extension providers. Chief among the advantages we offer is our top-notch training. Read on to discover why we take this part of our business so seriously and how it benefits you.

Why Just Any Salon Won’t Do

You might be tempted to just go to your regular salon for eyelash extensions. After all, the cosmetologists there do a great job of cutting your hair, buffing your nails, and tanning your skin, so why shouldn’t they beautify your lashes? Unfortunately, while this might be an easy way to enhance your lashes, it isn’t the wisest choice.

The old idiom “jack of all trades and master of none” applies especially well to eyelash extension providers. Since your eyes may be sensitive and your eyelashes can actually be quite complicated, the fact of the matter is that eyelash extensions require specialized care. If you want gorgeous, long-lasting, symmetrical lashes, you’ll need to work with a true professional. A “jack of all trades”-type lash artist might inadvertently cause an allergic reaction, apply your eyelash extensions such that they fall off within a few days, or simply leave you with an unattractive look.

The difference between Sassy Lashes and other salons is that we take the time to thoroughly train our lash artists. They become masters of this skill, applying eyelash extensions with unmatched precision, confidence, and skillfulness.

An Aesthetic Education in Eyelash Extensions

Sassy Lashes sets our training apart by offering it ourselves. We have a dedicated, high-end, 1,800-square-foot training center where we teach the standardized, streamlined eyelash extension application techniques we’ve tested for success. Sassy Lashes is the only eyelash extension salon in the country with these types of training amenities. In addition, rather than cramming complex lash training into a single day, like many companies, we provide our artists with multi-day courses. This format allows them to really understand and absorb the proper procedures so they can deliver excellent results.

Our co-founder, Shauna, has been providing eyelash extensions since 2011, and she’s been certified since 2012. She’s a hands-on business owner and instructor who’s passionate about eyelash extensions. Shauna’s attention to detail and dedication to her students allows her to teach new lash artists even the most difficult lash skills. She covers a diverse array of placement methods, so Sassy Lashes’ up-and-coming lash artists can learn how to make even the barest of lashes look full. She’s also hired a team of similarly enthusiastic and technically skilled trainers to assist her in the aesthetic educational process.

Sassy Lashes Training Leads to Remarkable Results

Of course, we can tell you all about the advantages of our training, but the real proof is in the beautiful results we provide for our clients. Our testimonials speak for themselves. A few highlights from clients who’ve worked with our highly-trained lash artists:

  • “My lashes are beyond my expectations!”
  • “I absolutely love my lashes!”
  • “I love, love the way the lashes feel on me. It’s not even heavy – nothing poking my eyes, or eyes feeling burning or itching.”
  • “My lash artist…was amazing. She had the lightest hands.”

You Can Become a Sassy Lash Artist, Too

If you’re inspired to become an eyelash extension artist and want to learn from the best, you can register for a Sassy Lash Class Eyelash Training Course. With one of our two-, three- or five-day programs, you can learn the high-quality techniques Sassy Lashes’ staff uses to spruce up our clients’ eyelashes. We offer flexible schedules (night classes, accelerated versions) and even an online course to make learning this valuable cosmetic skill even more convenient.

Experience the Benefits of Sassy Lashes’ Stellar Training

If you’d like one of our expertly-trained artists to apply your eyelash extensions, book your appointment today! We look forward to meeting you and helping you enjoy lovelier lashes with the Sassy Lashes difference.