Eyelash extensions are taking over the beauty industry. After all, Cosmopolitan recently reported that “extensions [and similar cosmetic treatments] are becoming more popular than mascara,” which has long been a makeup staple. In addition, Cosmetic Business reports that “eyelash extensions are one of the latest trends in the beauty sector, with the desire for personalized and effortless beauty growing steadily, to include products for eyelashes and eyebrows.” In light of this, more and more makeup-savvy clients want to adorn their eyes with these convenient, gorgeous, innovative products.

However, what these aesthetic aficionados should know is that not all eyelash extensions are created equal. There is actually a wide discrepancy in the quality of eyelash extensions on the market today, so it’s important to choose the right kind and salon for your needs. At Sassy Lashes, we’re proud to offer our own brand of the finest eyelash extensions, applied by highly-trained experts for outstanding results. Read on to learn more about what makes Sassy Lashes different from the rest.

We Take Training Seriously

Unfortunately, many salons and providers offering eyelash extensions are not truly qualified to apply these specialty beauty products. It takes skill, understanding, and artistry to successfully place eyelash extensions. If you have yours done at a spray tan salon, nail salon, or another beauty business not specifically tailored to eyelash extensions, you’re taking a major risk. Your eyelash extension “professional” could improperly position your lashes, causing them to look worse or fall out faster. Even worse, the wrong glue could rip out your natural lashes. In addition, if an incompetent eyelash extension artist doesn’t understand how to properly sterilize equipment, you could even end up with an infection.

At Sassy Lashes, our eyelash extension artists are extremely capable and experienced. Since we only do eyelash extensions, we’re experts in this area. Our team members aren’t splitting their attention between spray tanning solutions, nail polish, or other cosmetic services. They’re focused on giving you the best possible eyelash extensions.

In addition, we’re extremely confident in our artists’ capabilities because we train them ourselves. Students come from all around the United States to take our high-end, industry-leading Sassy Lash Class. Our eyelash extension artists have learned our unique techniques through thorough courses at our cutting-edge facility.

Our Own Sassy Brand of Lashes

The quality of eyelash extensions themselves can also have a notable impact on how they look, feel, and last. Rather than relying on outside vendors whose quality could become compromised, we make sure our lashes are premium by supplying them ourselves. We’ve created and currently utilize our own brand of eyelash extension products. This helps us give each customer an optimum experience. In addition to using our outstanding products in our salons, we sell them directly at our retail locations through Sassy Lash Supplies. You can also meet our specialists and purchase our products at booth 3209 of International Beauty Show Las Vegas 2019 from June 15-17, 2019.

We’re The Authority on Lashes with our Premium Podcast

In order to further share our knowledge with our clients, fellow eyelash extension artists, and the students we train at Sassy Lash Class we have our very own podcast. Sassy Lashes is the number one podcast for everything lashes. You can check it out to learn more about all sorts of topics, including aftercare for eyelash extensions (so you know how to best maintain your beautiful new look) and managing client expectations (which could help you better anticipate what your eyelash extension artist can do for you).

Our Dedication to Lash Learning on YouTube

If you want to see our exceptional eyelash extension team in action or learn more about applying eyelash extensions yourself, we recommend you check out our Sassy Lashes LV YouTube channel. Our videos will give you greater insight into the eyelash extension process, our comprehensive training program, and the gorgeous results Sassy Lashes can achieve.

Sassy Lashes Makes This Beauty Treatment Convenient

We have salons in Henderson, Centennial Hills, and Summerlin, so you don’t have to battle traffic or drive out of your way to enhance your lashes. In addition, our Henderson and Summerlin salons offer expanded hours from 8 am to midnight Monday through Friday and 8 am to 9 pm on Saturday and Sunday. This makes it easy for you to fit eyelash extensions into your busy schedule.

Experience the Sassy Lashes Difference For Yourself

In short, Sassy Lashes is different because we’re the best in our business. We offer impeccably-trained eyelash extension artists, premium branded products, an authoritative voice in this rapidly expanding field, and a tireless commitment to customer satisfaction. If you’d like to enjoy all the advantages of Sassy Lashes, contact us today to book your next appointment.