Beauty treatments and products are virtually never “one size fits all.” Just like you need to find the hairstyle that frames your face properly or the nail color that matches your outfit, it’s important to choose the right eyelash extension type for you. Perhaps you want big, flashy lashes for a special occasion, or maybe you’d like a more demure style just for day-to-day use. At some salons, you might be limited to just one or two options that don’t suit you, so you might even leave thinking that eyelash extensions aren’t for you at all. Fortunately, Sassy Lashes’ team offers a variety of high-quality, Sassy Lash brand extensions, applied by our careful, highly-trained artists. With our outstanding products and expertise, you’ll leave our salon looking and feeling gorgeous, no matter what your specific needs or preferences are. Read on to learn more about which of our many lash options may be most ideal for you.

Elements that Influence Your Eyelash Extension Choices

There are myriad factors that affect the type of eyelash extension that’s right for you. These include:

  • Your personal cosmetic preferences. Some eyelash extension clients want a more natural-looking enhancement, while others may want bolder, longer lashes, and others may want something more in the middle. The lash look you want may also depend on your upcoming For example, the eyelash extensions you choose for a red-carpet appearance or a vacation may be different. Sassy Lashes can accommodate all types of aesthetic preferences.
  • The length of your natural eyelashes. Longer natural lashes may be able to more easily hold longer, heavier eyelash extensions.
  • The number of your natural eyelashes.  If you have many natural eyelashes, you may be able to and want to wear different types of eyelash extensions than someone who has fewer lashes. There are also certain kinds of eyelash extensions that are especially recommended for covering up natural lash gaps (we suggest Volume).
  • How long you want your lash extensions to last. Some types of eyelash extensions tend are easier to maintain and may last longer. However, there are many components that can influence how long any set of eyelash extensions Your artist will be able to give you more specific recommendations and estimates.
  • Your budget. Due to the cost of materials and the frequency of expected maintenance, some eyelash extensions are more expensive than others. Sassy Lashes works to offer luxurious lashes at affordable prices. We’ll help you understand your options and fit this beauty treatment into your budget.
  • Any allergies or sensitivities. Eyelash extensions are often made of mink, silk, and/or synthetic materials. They are applied with different types of glue. If you’re intolerant of one or more of these components, Sassy Lashes can help you find an alternative for dazzling lashes.

These are just a few aspects of your needs and wishes that can affect the type of eyelash extension you should choose. Your eyelash extension artist can give you more extensive information and guide you with more personalized advice about your decision.

Classic Extensions

These conventional eyelash extensions are individually-applied, affordable, and provide realistic volume without drawing too much attention to your lashes. We often advise first-time clients to start out with Classic extensions, but they may not be appropriate for you if you want to fill gaps in your lashes since they are put on one at a time.

Volume Extensions

Like Classic extensions, these are individually applied, but we use 2-6 individual lash extensions per natural lash instead of just one. Our Volume extensions create a more dramatic lash appearance. These may be just right for a bride, actress, dancer, or anyone else who wants a more striking look.

Mega Volume Extensions

As their name suggests, these lashes are even more substantial than Volume extensions. For this option, our artists apply 2-10 handmade fans of thinner eyelash extensions for each natural eyelash.

Sassy Strip Lash Look

If you have a favorite false eyelash strip brand or style, our accomplished lash artists will replicate it in eyelash extension form. This beauty treatment is a bit more expensive, but our Sassy Strip Lash Look clients think it’s worth it to have the exact appearance they want. If you want a Sassy Strip Lash Look, you’ll just need to bring in a pair or picture of the false eyelash strip you want us to base your look on.

Bottom Lashes

Most eyelash extensions only enhance the top of your eyelid, but Sassy Lashes also offers Bottom Lashes. These can be added to any set of extensions. They don’t last as long as top eyelash extensions, but they provide a balanced, beautiful look. We usually suggest Bottom Lashes for special occasions.

Sassy Lashes Can Help You Decide

Our experienced eyelash extension artists know the ins and outs of our premium Sassy Lash brand products. They’re also comprehensively trained, so they understand how the application process works for different eyelash extension sets. They will use their wealth of knowledge to help counsel you on which type may be best for you. Our satisfied customers’ testimonials demonstrate just how well we understand this field and how dedicated we are to helping our clients.

Are You Ready for Your Perfect Eyelash Extensions?

Sassy Lashes can help! We’ll help you find the ideal eyelash extension to fit your preferences, needs, budget, and any other factors. Book an appointment at one of our three convenient locations today.