Simply put: most of these businesses are not officially certified for applying individual eyelashes, thus, the work they do is cheap and often harmful. Many women get lured by the low costs at nail bars and the chance to have a “one-stop shop” for all their cosmetology needs. The problem with this thought process is similar to getting an oil change and expecting a back massage; great in theory, terrible in application.

Many of these nail shops are using cheap, lash strips for their clients, without considering the possible consequences. There is a huge difference between clusters and semi-permanent lash extensions: the issue with most cluster extensions being that they are applied to multiple eyelashes at once, with bases usually too bulky when applied with an adhesive that holds them in place, causing follicle tension.

Because each lash can grow at different stages, the tension from the cluster can damage your natural lash. Picture taping your lawn down and expecting it to grow evenly, then watching it burst into a mess in each section. From a medical perspective even, serious damage can be caused by not having a properly trained professional apply them.

An article reviewed by Gary Heiting, OD, the American Academy of Ophthalmology notes that,

“Other, less common, complications with eyelash extensions include forceps wounds, reactions to solvents used to remove the extensions, and reactions to the tape that may be used to hold your lids closed during the procedure.”

All of which are due to poorly done applications that can happen with untrained or licensed technicians. In most states, this training is conducted through most esthetician and cosmetology schools and typically requires a license. Ask anyone in the industry and they’ll happily show you the license and credentials they worked so hard to receive. Seeing them is a valuable tool in knowing how legitimate of a job your technician will do vs. a nail salon which in some cases don’t even require such licensing.

Clusters can look nice, but should not be mistaken for the real thing; we have even seen clients come into Sassy Lashes with clusters glued on with hair-extension glue. Over 3 hours went by to perform a complete removal and get their puffy, swollen eyes to fully recover to a natural state. We hear horror stories like Shawnel Warren’s every day, and the range of eye infections that can occur from poorly done extensions. Nail and other cosmetology related salons that don’t have properly trained staff can be the main issue for many of these disaster stories.

Having the correct education also helps prevent possible infection and disease by knowing how to treat allergic reactions and sensitivity, rather than ignoring it. Not only are these issues found in Nail, but also Tanning, Hair, and other cosmetology salons not directly focused on lashes. While technicians of these fields may have come from similar backgrounds, their lack of specified lash training is exactly why businesses like Sassy Lashes is a cut above.

For most clients, using the pharmaceutical grade adhesive, combined with individual lashes can create a lasting effect on the lashes. Some of our clients are ecstatic about the two, even three weeks with their eyes still as dazzling as the day the of their appointment. While we are upfront with the length of time needed to apply our lashes during a client’s visit, the medical and aesthetic benefits of our method can speak volumes. The benefit of waking up like a movie star is pretty fantastic to boast as well. Focusing on this area of cosmetology, our technicians are trained to analyze how your lashes and lids work and what they’ll need to look their best. Rather than slapping the same treatment on to every client, we personalize our service to create a lasting effect that you’ll be pleased with for days and weeks to come!