The reason a person should never get their lashes extended at a spray tan salon is not even for obvious reasons about not doing it at a tanning salon–it not being their specialty or familiarity, or that a service like lash extensions should be done by those who specialize only in doing so–but it is that they should get their lashes done at an eyelash extension salon, studio, or where it is the focal profession.

The reason people might venture into the unknown territory of getting their lashes extended at a spray tan salon, or any tanning salon, or any salon with any other specialty than eyelashes, could be deciphered a few ways. One, it could be carelessness. People may not think hard enough about the intensity that is getting anything done to something on your face. Two, people may not understand the increase in quality that comes with specialty service. And three, our culture moves more swiftly toward convenience and timelines than it moves toward taking time for quality.

When thinking of an eyelash extension salon, one of the first things a person might think of is that lash extension services are predominantly what the salon offers, that the professionals who work there specialize in lashes, and that it would be unsurprising if this were the only thing, or at least the main thing, offered. The same would be said about any other type of business, service, or industry, especially in the beauty and service industry. Just as so, one of the first things a person might think of when thinking of a spray tan salon is going to be anything along the lines of spray tanning–a person would go there to be spray tanned, and if not, they would likely expect something involving tanning, or at the very least, involving skin. Eyelashes, however, would not be something a person would first think of when thinking of a spray tan salon. In reverse, a person would likely not consider getting a spray tan at an eyelash extension studio.

At its core, while many things can be accurately performed by almost anyone, each thing can be obviously done well by trained specialists who mostly provide that one, specific service. Comparison and analogy are an easy way to decipher this ideology. Think of any service, any procedure, or any product, really, and not only would a person be better off getting it where it is the focal aspect of that business, but a person would be worse off getting it from somewhere where the service, procedure, or product is just an afterwards addition or side project.

In an extreme example, a person goes to a specific doctor for a specific type of need or disease–we go to oncologists for tumors, we go to dentists for teeth, and we go to chiropractors for neck and back issues. Reversely, we would not go to an oncologist for teeth, a chiropractor for tumors, or a dentist for neck and back issues. In a smaller example, we go to specific stores for specific things–we go to grocery stores for produce, clothing boutiques for apparel, and home stores for furniture. We would not go to a grocery store for apparel, a home store for produce, or a clothing boutique for furniture. Even so, all of these things are not even necessarily things external, things as easily noticeable as our body, like lashes.

A lot of things might be okay being done out of convenience, especially with how modern society flows lately, running rather than walking, praising timelines for sake of influx in accomplishment, essentially ensuring quantity over quality. However, our bodies, our faces, or anything that may go onto them, should not be something we choose to service  out of convenience or ease. Many places, with things less-lasting and miniscule, it might be okay to combine dissimilar attractions, but spray tanning and eyelashes are not one of them.

Like spray tanning or most anything else, lash extensions are a very specific service, hopefully, performed by professionals skilled and experienced in this specific craft. Eyelash extension studios are where a person should get anything involving lashes. A person should not have to or even be able to question “do they do this there?” about a place they’re anticipating getting a service done.

For this reason, Sassy Lashes specializes in eyelashes. We know it’s an incredible risk to chance something being done on your face, especially your eyes, where a person looks, connects with others, and sees. We also know that getting eyelash extensions, for some people, is a new thing or a bigger step, and we are happy to provide the specialization and skill-set that allows clients the comfort and ease to partake in something we are passionate about. Our luxury boutique is filled with trained professionals who care foremostly about eyelashes first and only, putting our entire skill-set into what we’re specifically offering, and doing it well–not just because we can, not just to add another thing, and not just to save time.