Winter Is Coming…


With the weather finally starting to cool off, we’re approaching one of the two seasons you want to take extra care with your extensions! Winter has come.

During these chilly months when sweater weather is in full swing and the hot coffee flows generously, one thing comes to mind: how to care for your glamorous look and keep those lashes from icing over?

First things first: when in the first few days of post application, make sure to limit the amount of water that’s near your eyes and lashes. This includes the sauna, which combined with intense heat, can affect the bonds of your extensions and cause them to separate prematurely. If you do end up taking a dip in the hot tub, once your waiting time is up, relax! Be sure not to rub or touch your lashes and the steam/heat won’t negatively affect the adhesive.

Another thing to consider is your skin care; facial cleanser and lotion can maintain the right pH and oil balance in your face. Doing so will actually affect the health of your natural lashes, creating a healthier base for the extensions to bond with. If your skin becomes dry, try to moisturize, as drying can also cause premature separation of the extensions. Making sure to schedule regular visits to get your fills also helps maintain full extensions for longer periods of time. In addition to fills, your technician is able to assess what your lashes need, whether it be caps or removal of twisted lashes, they can make sure your eyes are at their best and that your lashes look fantastic all season.

If you rocked the Sassy look all summer, winter might be the best time to start with a clean slate and get an entirely new set. As the weather slows and cools, so too does your hair growth. Because of this, we sometimes recommend lighter lash sets so as to offset the slower growth of your own lashes. It also gives you the excuse to try something new! Be it a new style or type of extension, you’ll have plenty to choose from as the season starts!

By moisturizing your orbital rims (exterior of the eyelids), you can ensure a healthy, hydrated set of lashes. Be sure to only use oil-free products so that you don’t break down the chemical polymer of the adhesive.

Your diet is a huge variable as well; adding vitamins B, D, and E can dramatically improve your skin and hair health. While supplements are a great way to add these into your daily regime, eating a healthy dose of leafy greens such as kale or spinach can also be a good way to get in your vitamins for the winter months. Antioxidants are also a great way to keep up with your skin’s health.

Massage your eyelids daily! This can sound odd at first, but keeping the circulation of blood flow in your lids is crucial to how strong your lashes can be. Avoid the lashes as much as you can, and make small circles over the upper and lower lids. About three to five times for both eyes is great step to add as part of your routine to promote strong ocular muscles, including your lashes! Brushing them also can help by keeping them straight and smooth so they get even airflow.

Lastly, talk with your technician about any concerns you have with maintaining lash composure and health over the winter months. We offer a variety of remedies and home-use products that can help promote beautiful lashes in even the most frigid of months.